Case Studies
State of the Art Vehicle Simulation Lab - Project: Haryana, INDIA.
Cenergy offshore has recently executed a Hydraulic Piping / Hardline project in a state of the art simulation lab for India’s leading consumer vehicle manufacturer. The project was entirely based in their R & D facility in North India. The Project was awarded to us on merit based on international best practices and project executions carried by TMI / Cenergy Offshore. Importantly one of the leading OEMs for Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider already ordered by the End-User was to be integrated in the simulation lab.

The key points of the project were:-
  • Implementation of Non-Welded Hydraulic / High Pressure / Hardline Piping system for the vehicle simulation actuators from the leading Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider.  
  •  This was a carefully planned project involving the issuance of all the drawings prior to installation. The installation process was based on pre-designed & pre-fabricated Hardline Pipe spools.
  • Since the pipes were pre-fabricated they had to be carefully laid out in a defined space meeting the design & schematic layout criteria.
  • The piping was carried out in an environment which demanded high standards of cleanliness.
  • The job scope involved installation of a wide range of components like special type valves and accumulators.
The various steps involved were as follows:-
Since this was a project involving Hardline Piping for a simulation lab, prior design could be carried out. The End-User shared with us preliminary information like hydraulic schematic drawing, equipment connection details based on which we could arrive on the configuration for Hardline like pipe size, wall thickness, connections, and layout of different components like valves & accumulators, etc. The design was entirely carried out in-house based on necessary information like Hydraulic Schematic Drawing, Civil Layout, and RC Detail Drawing. The designing process took a considerable amount of time since it required co-ordination with both the End-User as well as the Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider and also with a lot of requests for change / modification. Finally the Hardline Piping design was successfully issued and was accepted by the End-User and confirmed by the Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider to suit the final application delivery.
The Hardline Piping involved in this project were all pre-designed and pre-fabricated since site layout was known and the design was priorly done. All the spools were pre-fabricated, cleaned, painted in TMI facility in Canada and shipped to the site. By stating “cleaned” we mean that the spools / hardline system do not get contaminated by dirt, dust, rust, pollution, and chemical contamination during transportation & handling leading to hampering the final hydraulic application. All hoses were fabricated / hose crimped at site using portable hose crimper.
All the Hardline Piping was erected under the supervision of Cenergy Offshore /TMI Field Technicians. The erection had to be carried out carefully since the cleanliness requirement at the lab was very high. All hoses were installed using the right practices.
All the Hardline and Hose connections were looped and the system flushed. We achieved a “NAS 0” cleanliness level which was applauded by our Client and the Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider. It hardly took half a day to achieve the above cleanliness level which shows the cleanliness standards maintained by TMI and the quality of erection done.
Pressure Testing
The Hardline had to be pressure / proof tested up to 4500 psi. The above pressure rating was subjected on the Hardline and was held for 30 min (standard states hold time of 15 mins is sufficient).
Commissioning Services
After the installation phase the Hardline was ready to be commissioned. All the Simulation actuators/equipments were tested to full capacity and was successful to the acceptance of the Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider and finally to the End-User.
Hand Over
After successful commissioning, all the spares, documentation, reports were handed over to the End-User and a copy was kept with Cenergy Offshore / TMI for future reference & traceability.
The job was expedited even though there were tough challenges in the civil layout at the site which called for a lot of interruptions. The Project was completed in half the time allotted to us which was positively acknowledged by the End-User and also by the Testing / Sensing Equipment Provider. We are now in the process of initiating the second Project with the same End User.

We have also been awarded a project to execute similar work in a state of the art component test lab facility for a leading passenger vehicle manufacturer in India.