We follow the Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC) model of turnkey implementation
Engineering scope
The in-house design team works closely with the Customer and is well versed with the intricacies of piping engineering. All the designs are executed using latest CAD software to reduce the time leading up to the right solution.
Procurement scope
Procurement, both global and domestic, is our key strength. We work with leading manufacturers for all type of mechanical piping products. All Non Weld piping products are sourced only from TMI as they represent the absolute best in this category.
Construction scope
Construction activity is backed by trained Technicians / Manpower having different skill sets to accomplish the final goal of successful implementation. All necessary equipments are in-house as they are very critical for a smooth implementation.
Cenergy Offshore is the Authorized Dealer / Installation Partner of Tube-Mac Piping Technologies Ltd.’s (TMI) range of Non Weld Piping products
Case Study
Geo-Technical Research Vessel (GTRV) - FUGRO Voyager and FUGRO Scout
Project: Mangalore, INDIA.
A Global Leader in Geotechnical Survey services was building a Geo-Technical Research Vessel in Mangalore in one of the leading Shipyard- TEBMA Shipyards Ltd. Incidentally this was the first Geo-Technical Research Vessel to be ever built in India
State of the Art Vehicle Simulation Lab
Project: Haryana, INDIA.
PYPLOK® is a weld-less, thread-less way of joining pipes. It has been successfully used in the most demanding environments where fire safety is essential and there is a need for quick and easy solution to maintenance repairs.
Latest Company News and Upcoming Events
PYPLOK® fittings receive CCS Certification
Saturday, 24 January 2015 20:01

The Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce that the PYPLOK® DM Series product line has received CCS (China Classification Society) Certification. Reference Certificate #WG14T00010.
Petrobras® approves PYPLOK®
Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:20

The Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce that they have received Petrobras® Approval for PYPLOK® mechanically attached fittings.
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